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            There is a war out there on modern languages as to which one is better and how do they stack up. Which has got a brighter future?

For a better understanding, we will not only compare all of them but teach you all of those resulting in a much efficient learning!

The course module comprises of –

  • Java
  • Dot Net
  • Python

Java provides multi-platform support, it is object-oriented, scalable and secure. It is an independent platform used for mobile applications, web applications, and computer programs. It visually feels like the language C++ whereas technically it is easier.The oldest language is Python and it built youtube and google. Again it is dynamic, object-oriented and interactive. It is easy learning like Java. Dot net is developed by Microsoft and just develops in Windows alone. It is not as user-friendly but it does not fail to offer features which are used for desktop applications and web applications. Register now for more brighter future and re-develop the world.


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