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UiPath online training


We aim to broaden ditschool Ui path training your knowledge on the entire Ui Path Robotic Automation Suite. The module covers –

          UiPath Studio

           UiPath Robot

           UiPath Orchestrator

      UiPath Studio defines and designs processes for business. It is user-friendly and is based on the Microsoft workflow technically as well as visually. Further, in the module, you will learn how UiPath Robot intends to automate the processes designed in the UiPath Studio, depending on the process requirement there is an assistant mode and an automatic mode measuring the amount of supervision the process demands. To manage, control, validate and analyze the robots and human collaboration for specific processes. Ultimately the Ui Orchestrator, a web-based interface helps you access the insights and track the progress through overall centralized reports and workflows.

 RPA Tools:               UiPath            Automation Anywhere                Blue prism

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