1. RPA v/s Employment

Automation of work DOES NOT mean laying off employees. Instead, human resources are put to accomplish more useful and efficient work. The manual and tedious tasks are avoided so that the professionals can concentrate more on the strategic, meaningful and productive ends which results in 2X individual and organizational growth.

  1. RPA v/s Traditional Automation

The software is more adaptable to change and fluctuations in market and technology.  It behaves in a certain process to capture and execute data, launch responses, trigger actions and solutions automatically.

  1. RPA v/s Industry Types

All types of industries can manipulate the software and blend it as per their requirement. It can handle back-office tasks and mid-office tasks simultaneously. Industries like Healthcare,  Finance, Insurance, Customer Relations, Supply Chain Management, Accounting, Human Resources etc.

  1. Future of RPA

RPA is the core of automation. With higher investment comes the stage of machine landing, future of the two combined shall lead to Artificial Intelligence. Having their own pros and cons of automation and loss of employment, here RPA has more benefits to reap. It is aware and more accurate and reliable. Its contribution is prominent to each industry.

 RPA Tools:               UiPath            Automation Anywhere                Blue prism